Photos from March 99 trip to Tokyo and Beijing

Shopping for food in a Tokyo Store
Electronic Supermarket of the world Akihabara
Kathy and Friend Pam toast with Saki
Pigons in Ueno Park fun to feed
Mt. Fuji on a super clear day
Panda Gondola Ryan having fun
The Bullet Train coming in to the station
Disney Train going by, note walmart has a greater, disney a waver
Happy greats me at Disneyworld
The boys got lots of attention from the japanize girls
Ryan kept the munks on there toes
Sliding on the steps in Kamakura
The big buda in Kamakura

The Great Wall
The Silk Market just down from the American Embassy
Mao, the Square is under construction
The Summer Palace, count me in
Lots of arms in the summer palace
And more shopping
Something must of been impressive
Forbiden City Turtle
Temple of Heaven

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