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  • Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
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  • RealPlayer Home Page
  • Dolby Digital technical info
  • Sonic Foundry's Soft Encode (<$1K add 5.1 to your next project)
  • The Video Guys - great info on equipment, s/w, and win 98
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  • Kevin Werbach's Home Page
  • Cool Web Page Design
  • CGI Sources
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  • - Glam Lounge
  • Edible Landscaping
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  • Lego MindStorms / Robot Store - Technical Notes
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  • Allentown School District (ASD) Planetarium Weather Cams!
  • Weather cam: Chicago, Illinois
  • Weather cam: Portland, Oregon
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  • Sky & Telescope
  • StarDate
  • Picture of the Day
  • Misc., Physics, Y2K, History etc.

  • Supercomputing avalon
  • How to build a network
  • Purdue Physics Fun Fest Do at Home stuff
  • Check for Y2K compliance
  • Sliced and Diced, the Visible Human project, Thanks to MRI's etc.
  • World History in Hyertext form
  • Does Anyone really Know what time it is? They do
  • Back Yard Ballistics -- NEW now are we having fun or what
  • Desktop Guitarist

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    Free HotMail
    Tools hacking proof
    MSN Computing Central - Downloads
    WS_FTP Pro - FTP Client for connecting to FTP sites
    IrfanView - Freeware Graphic Viewer
    Yellow Pages
    TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations!
    RealPlayer Home Page Home
    What's New on the FTP site
    DOWNLOAD.COM -- Welcome
    The World Famous Guestbook Server
    Lego MindStorms _ Robot Store - Technical Notes
    Lego Mindstorms Internals
    Mindstorms Sensor Input all-in-one search page - Web, News, People, Maps - Glam Lounge
    Indiana Newspapers, Disaster Information, Indiana Weather
    FastCounter by LinkExchange - Get a Free Hit Counter for Your Site
    Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
    AltaVista_ Main Page
    Weather cam_ Portland, Oregon
    Weather cam_ Chicago, Illinois
    Allentown School District (ASD) Planetarium Weather Cams!
    Apple - Products - QuickTime
    3DSite_ Model Market
    Creating Killer Websites Online - Core Page
    Dithering - good, bad, and ugly
    Welcome to the Dilbert Zone®
    CGI 101 Script Library
    Web Page Design for Designers - Home Page
    The CGI Resource Index
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Time Service Department
    Graphics (Gif) Archive
    the Figure Drawing LAB
    Welcome to GAME BOY CENTRAL!
    Adam's Game Boy Camera Page
    Jeff Frohwein's Technical Central
    Virtual Dr - Front Door
    VOSAIC Inc. - Products Page
    Lego Robots_ RCX Command Center
    Mondo-tronics' Robot Store --- Robots Kits, Muscle Wires, SMA's, Electronics, Parts, and More!!
    LiveAudio Plug-In Tutorial
    whatUseek _ search results
    Troop 33 Scouting Resources Page
    Pinewood Derby Track Plan
    ZDNet's Linux Homepage
    eyeon Software Inc.
    Midisoft Corporation_ Links
    Classical MIDI Archives © 1999 Pierre R. Schwob
    Deja News
    Submit It!_ Web site promotion and marketing.
    NSR-National Sales Recruiters
    Backyard Ballistics
    Weather Underground_ Veedersburg, Indiana Forecast
    Network Solutions
    MSDN Events
    Desktop Guitarist Web Site
    The Australian OLGA
    ATI Technologies Inc. - Sitemap
    Dave's Home Page
    Sky and Telescope -- Astronomy and space links
    SOLO Backpack Sprayers
    Planet School
    Related Links!
    Microsoft DirectX - What's New
    Neptune's Kitchen - Stuart Johnson's Home Page
    Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)
    Promise Home Page
    TDS - Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.
    Equilibrium - DeBabelizer - What is DeBabelizer_
    The Macrogalleria - a cyberwonderland of polymer fun
    Windows 95 Software tucows
    What should I grow_
    Links to Related Web Sites
    Exotica rare fruit nursery
    DAVE'S NURSERY - A Propagator of exotic plants of all types operating out of New Jersey.
    Art's Biotechnology Resource_ Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, and Bioinformatics
    WinPlanet - Reports - All About Windows 95 Operating System Release 2 - Installing OSR2
    Animation Express_ Animation Archive
    Deja.com_ Discussion Search Results
    Welcome to AnandTech
    Regal-Beloit Corporation - Hoover's Company Capsule
    Company Capsule For Kinetra
    Windows 95_98 » Audio » Undefined
    Menu of Webmasters' Resources
    Nonlinear Video Editors' Forum
    Digital Video Direct - (888) 383-9991
    Windows 95_98_NT Music Software _ Audio_Effects (Shareware Music Machine)
    Sonic Engineering - Surround Sound Plug-ins for DirectX-VST-Adobe Premiere-SAWPlus-Cool Edit Pr
    Wavelab 2.0 - Realtime
    Doing it Yourself_ Using the Studio
    Digital Domain - CD Mastering, Replication, Digital Imaging & more...
    Digital Editor_ Tutorial Center
    Surround Associates_ Frequently Asked Questions About Surround Sound
    Guide to Digital Video
    PlugIn Com HQ - Free Plugins, Effects and Tools for Picture Manipulation and Digital Video Edit
    Laurie McCanna's Photoshop Tips - Tip # 5, Using Layers in Photoshop - Learn about Blending Mod
    Alien Text Effect -- Photoshop Tips
    The State Hermitage Museum_ Digital Collection -- Powered by IBM
    IT Advisor - Microsoft Enterprise
    Trip Review
    AtomFilms_ Instant Entertainment 04
    ZDNet_ Home Page
    Excite Extreme - Recorder Lessons
    Drivers Windows95_98 Complete Driver Hardware Search
    Chris's Homepage - The Tech Bit!
    LIPSinc Mimic
    Links Clay art computer Radio Tuner
    3D Animation Workshop 3d modeling tutorials, lessons, and software reviews
    Tutorials at HTML Goodies
    Handouts and Tutorials by Alan Rowoth
    Alan Rowoth's Web 201 - I've got my web page, now what gen
    moock web flash
    killersound - tech center - other resources - links
    Adobe LiveMotion Tutorials
    The Web Diner Introduces Your Web Adventure!
    Lycos VideoCenter
    The Studio 92.3 WTTS FM


    Sailsport's Used Boats, Trave MI
    Hobie 20
    Catamaran Sailor - Classified Ads
    Classifieds boats


    Abercrombie & Kent - Luxury Safaris & Travel
    Antarctica ship cruise adventure travel trips Expeditions
    Antarctica 2000-2001 Ex South America Adventure Associates [ antarctic tours travel antarctica ]
    Antartica Cruise Ships - Khlebnikov Cruises
    Antarctica Marathon Info
    Lindblad Special Expeditions - Antarctica
    Professor Multanovskiy & Akademik Sergey Vavilov Deal
    Welcome to Australian Antarctic Program
    m-s HANSEATIC - Buenos Aires to Ushuaia
    Andy's Undies Drysuites
    Diving Under Antarctic Ice
    DolphinEAR Hydrophones
    Great Lakes Marine Specialties Dolphin Phone
    Weather Underground Antarctica
    Advanced Design Wet Suits, Dry Suits, Neoprene SCUBA Diving Accessories in Stock and Custom Sizes - Harvey's Skin Diving Wet Su
    Foul weather gear . com Traditional and Breathable sailing gear, trousers, gloves, boots, and dinghy smocks by Douglas Gill -
    Dogpile jansport duffle roller
    TEA Index
    NMS The Archives
    Avesta Technologies - About Avesta
    Welcome to Visual
    Micromuse - Netcool Overview
    D-Link Main Wireless


    DUI - Immersed in Comfort
    SeaQuest What's New
    Scuba resources and brand name scuba diving gear at Divers' Discount Supply
    GS2000 REG
    Scuba resources and brand name scuba diving gear at Div1ers' Discount Supply
    Mermet Springs -- Home of First Class Diving
    Diving Medicine Online
    Eric's SCUBA page! WA
    USVH Company Overview
    Ocean Images Dolphin Pro Underwater Video Camera Housing
    Rodale's Scuba Diving Gear Buyer's Guide
    See Bubble Underwater Video Camera Housings
    Underwater Video Camera Housings.
    UW Photo & Video Equipment - page 2 of 2
    Homemade Gear Equipement Fait Maison
    Aquanaut Dive Gear
    Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc. Underwater Enclosures
    Scuba - do it yourself - Video housing by Mike Dolson
    Scuba do-it-yourself
    Video University Underwater Video Forum
    Dive Links
    Scuba do-it-yourself video links housings
    latches, hardware,
    Diving equipment
    carter lift bag inc
    Official Dive Gear Page-Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturers
    Seton Continence Care pee
    new oms
    Rodale's Scuba Diving Training & Safety Instruction
    Andy's Undies
    Foul weather gear . com
    Product Listing - Lift_bags
    Quest Sports Underwater Video Housings and Bentley Marine
    Technical Hardware Reef Scuba
    The Airspeed Press Tech Diving and Aviation Homepage
    Supplemental Oxygen for the General Aviation Pilot
    Diverlink - Cavern and Cave Diving
    Cavediving Org-cave, cavern, scuba, technical nitrox- Introduction to cave diving
    Virtual Naval Hospital United States Naval Flight Surgeon Manual Third Edition 1991 Chapter 1 Bubble Related Diseases
    Harris Diving Links
    Oxygen Carriage
    Virtual Naval Hospital U.S. Navy Diving Manual Chapter 3
    Adventurers Dive LogCave Diving in Namibia Africa
    SCUBA Diving Tanks
    Lloyd Bailey's Scuba Equipment Catalog
    Technical Equipment paradisedive
    Products on rope 1
    cavers catalog


    ccsi, greenhouses
    VELCRO ® Brand Products Guide from Fastech
    Weather Underground Sky
    XCam2 Tiny Wireless Camera Special Offer; $79.99 + Free Battery Pack
    Unofficial Global Internet Bread Recipe Archive -- BREAD NET
    National Weather Service Home Page -U.S. Government warnings & forecasts, Organization, Online Documentation, Mission


    Cable, connectors, penetrators and moulding - Hydrobond and Hydrocable in Aberdeen

    Buz article display - Start HomePage
    AtomFilms Get Into Our Shorts 08
    ! CANALPLUS.FR, de la television à internet !
    Watch Cinemanow DOOM GENERATION


    UBL Websites on the ARTISTdirect Network
    Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tab
    Ear Trainer
    Standoffs and Spacers
    TabCrawler - Your Premier Guitar Tabs Source!
    Guitar Lesson World - Your source for free guitar lessons on the web
    Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Page
    Harmony Central® Guitar Instruction
    Home For All Guitar Lovers - Menu
    Online Guitar Chord Dictionary


    Sites of Interest
    General Chemistry Online Home DT>


    Infinite Fish - Photoshop Tutorials
    PEI Tutorial Archives '00
    Total Training Department ''
    leJOS Java based OS for Lego RCX
    Android World - anthropomorphic robots & animatronics
    Robot Information Central
    Lego Mindstorms Internals
    EPFL ASL System The SHRIMP rover
    Brooks' Subsumption Architecture
    LDAPS Curriculum
    David A. Karr's LEGO Collection
    LDAPS Downloads


    Alaska Division of Tourism
    Earth Info Navigation Page
    Landings Pages databases, aircraft sales, planning, weather, pilot supplies, more...
    The Central Indiana Grotto
    Favorite Adventure Links


    The Linux Sound HOWTO

    South Africa

    Adventurers Dive LogCave Diving in Namibia Africa


    EDGAR Online - IPO Express
    PR Newswire Home Page
    Current Events - Law - About Legal News, Issues, Reference Library faq
    Ad Resource Internet Advertising and Web Site Promotion Resources
    AltaVista Main Page
    Pinewood Derby Wheel Alignment Applet
    Weather Underground Indianapolis, Indiana Forecast
    RealPlayer Home Page
    IETF Home Page
    Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.
    LookSmart - Standards RFCs
    Internet Requests for Comments (RFC)
    Radio Station Guide
    Web Events
    Guitar stuff
    Links Ultimate Guitar Archive
    Guitar Chords Theory Ultimate Guitar Archive
    The Official Microsoft Games Web Site
    RCX Internals
    Proximity Detection
    Clock escapement
    Netmeet.htm help info
    ILS Servers net meeting info and help
    MAX Internet Communications, Inc. Home Page
    My Free LD
    Microsoft Windows NT Security Architecture and Directions
    Poser Store New Releases
    Kaidan - Photographic VR Solutions for the Internet
    OP Contract aeron
    Autonomy - Knowledge Management and New Media Content Solutions
    WhatsUp Gold -- System Requirements
    Getting Started in Composites
    WebRing Navigation spud guns
    soap films
    LEGO Machine Gun
    Flight Sim Central
    ASUS slot 1 Mainboard Home
    Canon Computer Systems, Inc.
    Buy of the Week - Home Recording
    Cyber-Drum - Online Lessons
    Samson Wireless Systems
    Crouse-Kimzey Vendors Pro Audio
    Soundscape Products Mixtreme Introduction
    Sound Chaser 1-800-498-1068
    The Redhead Gallery
    Tom's Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide - Slot-1 VIA Motherboard Update
    The PC AV Tech
    Creative Labs Developer Relations
    TIPS, or, TM-D1000 audio 101 - TASCAM Bulletin Board
    DVD Infomatrix
    Access Indiana's Premium Services
    Single list of HOWTOs Linux
    Macromedia - Online forums FAQ
    National Usenet Newsgroup Providers
    Internet FAQ Consortium
    Cable Modem Market Stats & Projections
    Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources
    Linux Online - Classroom
    index ROV Com Sw
    Welcome to Encarta Language Learning Online
    Departmental Contacts IU Slavic Lanaguges
    Welcome to the ANX Service
    Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2
    Project Mayo Frequently Asked Questions - The World of 3D-Imaging!
    Reel 3-D Enterprises, Inc. Questions and Answers About 3-D Photography