$300 Icing, Makes you want to eat cake!

The story goes, "after eating a very tasty cake the dinner asked for the recipe,
and got it.  The when the bill came for the dinner, $300 was added on for
the recipe.  The Dinner went through the roof, and started giving the
recipe out to everyone"  well it may or may not be true,
but this is some tasty frosting.

In a sauce pan combine
        1 cup milk
        1/4 cup flour
        dash of salt
With the burner on medium low to low:
Cook stiring constantly until thick, like Mash Potatos thick about 3-5 minutes
Cool thoroughly; if you don't the frosting will be runny

For you guys that want to sound good in the kitchen,  the above is
often called a "Roux"  check the dictionary to get the right pronounciation.
If you cook it to long or to high a heat, the starch in the flour starts to break
down and you get thinner not thicker Roux.  Roux is often fat and flour and
is used in sauces for the base.  Thou I haven't tried it in this recipe, Rice chopped
to bits in a blender and milk make a great low fat substitute for Cream in soups.
But with all the sugar, shortening and margarine in this who is watching the calories.

Put in large bowl and add
        1 cup sugar (regular not powdered)
        1/2 cup shortening
        1/2 cup  margarine (this is equal to a whole stick)
        1 tsp vanilla
Beat with electric mixer until fluffy and all sugar granuals are gone.
Put in food coloring to change the color.
Good luck, with your cake.

PS This can be frozen (up to 6 months I have heard)